Christine McGough, founder of Genesis, is a veteran speaker, minister’s wife, and former home school mom that has been actively using and learning about natural health methods for over 20 years. As a Naturopath, Touch For Health instructor, Certified Brain Integration Therapist, Herbalist, Digestive Health Specialist through the Food Enzyme Institute, and Certified Natural Health Practitioner, she has spent many years focused on special needs nutrition and the brain/body connection.

"The brain and body connection is so strong. Through the years I've seen so many amazing results using nutrition with ASD/ADD. The truth is though that good nutrition wasn’t going to reverse dyslexia, dysgraphia, or the auditory processing delays I was facing with my own kids. I also needed to find a way to heal our many food allergies/sensitivities rather than simply removing them for the rest of our life, and a way to address our epigenetic stressors and traumas. Now, I'm pleased to say that where nutrition leaves off, Brain Integration and kinesiology techniques pick up and vice versa. I now know I have the complete package!"

Christine is also certified in both Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid and in QPR Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention which- in combination with over 20 years of working with youth- enables her to effectively handle the emotional complexities often associated with learning disabilities, anxiety, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Her family’s own crazy journey continually fuels her passion to bring fresh perspective and solutions to the challenges of ASD, learning disabilities, homeschooling special needs kids, trauma recovery, and maintaining a healthy, balanced life through diet and exercise. You can enter your appointments knowing that she will never ask you to do something she hasn't already personally done! And since life is always an adventure, she continues to attended classes all around the world to bring you the latest techniques in clinic and in classes.

Christine and her husband, Chris, have been married for 25 years and are raising two children, two dogs, and multiple cats with natural health practices, herbal supplementations, homeopathies, and a hefty dose of fun. Kayaking, hiking, camping in the mountains, and having fun going cross-country in their antique VW camper van are their favorite past times.