Digestive Health



God made fruits, vegetables and meats to be a perfect fuel for your body but, in our fast-paced society, it's too troublesome to grow food.  We depend on manufacturers to prepare our meals for us, so we can make an easy purchase to prepare a quick meal for our family.

Manufacturers want their food to stay fresh in the grocery store, so they do everything possible to give their products a long shelf life.  Foods are processed and unfortunately stripped of important vitamins and enzymes, all in the name of convenience.

Manufacturers did begin adding vitamins back into their processed food to give their products a competitive edge... to help sell more food. You can get vitamin D milk or orange juice with extra calcium, but enzymes, a digestive aide for your body, are still not returned into foods.  The health of consumers all over the world is affected because we are no longer able to digest our foods correctly.

But there is good news!  You can correct health issues, like chronic degenerative diseases, and the restore the gut/brain balance with simple diet changes and some enzymes! 

We can help find digestive challenges with a digestive stress test.  Call for details!