Environmental and Food Sensitivities

By now, it’s common knowledge that there is a gut/brain connection. If Candida runs rampant and we lack proper gut health we don’t have the neurotransmitters for normal function. Less known though, have been the studies that showed that foods could trigger neurological inflammation that resembled ADHD, OCD, etc., but no one knew how- until recently. The headline simply read, “They’ll have to rewrite the text books”. The Universty of Virginia and just after, the University in Oslo published ground breaking proof that we have an immune/lymphatic system in our brain. The need to correct Candidia imbalance and take away any stress surrounding the consumption of certain foods that could possibly create a neurological inflammation or lymphatic congestion that presses on certain areas of the brain, even if temporarily, makes sense. When having Brain Integration, testing for Candidia (yeast) imbalnces, environmental, and food sensitivites are included in our flat rate package. If you are not having BIT and would like testing to identify stressors, or would like more information as to how these stressors can be corrected, please contact Christine@genlearning.org or call 1-844-343-6374.