Mental Health

Have you ever looked through dirty glasses? Wow! It can be hard to see through! All of us wear “life glasses” though, and as we walk through life, we gather a fingerprint here or a smudge there. We can usually continue to see though the glasses just fine, but we always process everything we see in an altered state through those smudges- aka- life experience. Occasionally though, life hands us some smudges so large that we can no longer see normally through our glasses. Suddenly, we can now only see dimly through the haze, or only the smudge itself. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just take our glasses off and hand them to someone to get them cleaned? Well, you can! Brain Integration, SIPS, and Kinergetics techniques are not only beneficial for learning disabilities, but also for “smudges” on our glasses. Just as BIT helps reorganize information for learning, it also helps to properly organize how we process life events. Following BIT, many people report remembering traumatic events, but no longer feeling like they were constantly reliving them. Suddenly, they can see the event as in the past, not something that is part of their life each day. They can now process information with clean glasses on!


If you or a loved one is struggling with phobias, avoidance strategies, self love, self sabotage, PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc. you may find brain integration techniques helpful. You do not need to talk about your experiences, unless you want to, and you will often find yourself falling asleep during your in office visits.

 While Christine is certified in both Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid and in QPR Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention which- in combination with over 20 years of working with youth as a minister enables her to effectively handle the emotional complexities often associated with learning disabilities, anxiety, and Autism Spectrum Disorders during her sessions, she is not a licensed psychologist or therapist. There are times that additional support is needed, and we are pleased to refer you to Dr. Mike Ferguson. Dr. Mike is a QPR instructor, Psychologist, Sucidologist, and Mental Health Skills Coach. He has has walked numerous families through challenging times with his in person or Skype sessions, and 24/7 text support. He not only helps the struggling individual with the tools they need to overcome, but also educates and aids the other family members as well. For more information on the services Dr. Mike offers, visit